98 Herman Avenue
P.O. Box 13
Lemoyne, PA 17043
Phone (717) 763-7542
Fax (717) 763-9449
License No. PA031789

In 1921, Raymond B. Hobaugh, Sr., an electrical contractor, was known as Lemoyne’s “town electrician”. Working primarily in residential areas, he had a vision of starting a family business and founded R.B. Hobaugh & Son.

At the time, he also did electric appliance repair at his other business, Hobaugh Electric, located on Third Street in New Cumberland. Then, he received a contract that would give his business a significant market breakthrough—a contract to install and rewire traffic signals in the area. From there, it was all green lights.

In 1945, after serving in the U.S. Army, Raymond B. Hobaugh, Jr. joined the business, and it continued as R.B. Hobaugh & Son. In 1981, the business was purchased from the estate of R.B. Hobaugh, Jr. by his daughter and son-in-law, Landis (Tuck) and Catherine (Cathy) Sholly. The business was then formally incorporated as R.B. Hobaugh & Son, Inc.

The company’s primary focus became—and still is—residential and commercial service and commercial construction and repair. R.B. Hobaugh & Son has established an outstanding reputation that spans more than 90 years.

The family values that started this business all those years ago, continue to be a major driving force in the business today. Quality work, honest business dealings, and on-time performance are hallmarks of the R.B. Hobaugh & Son legacy.

Raymond B. ("Sparky") Hobaugh, Sr., Founder

Raymond B. and Mary Jane Hobaugh, Jr., 2nd Generation Owners